The Process

All the jewelry is designed and fabricated by Ava Rogers using the traditional process of lost wax casting and metalsmithing. Each piece is hand crafted, whether it be from the raw metal ingots developing into individual links of a chain or ring shanks and settings meticulously crafted and cast by hand.

The Casting Process


(Assembling the wax pieces before casting them in metal)


 (Melting the metal in centrifugal caster)


(The metal cooling and solidifying in the mold after the liquid metal was cast)   

(What the pieces look like after they are taken out of the mold and before they are cleaned and polished)

Making a Cuban Link Chain by Hand:



(Drawing wire from a rounded ingot)

(After coiling the wire, I saw down the center to make multiple jump rings)


(Soldering individual jump rings  together until they makes a linked chain)

 (Twisting the chain to make it flat)


(Filing the tops of the chain)


 (Polishing it to make it shine!)

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